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Thailand: Links - 01. Administrative Organs

Links page about Thailand. 
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01. Administrative Organs

02. General Information 03. Newspaper / Magazines 04. Links Pages
05. Cultures / Photos 06. Entertainment 07. Travel / Hotel 08. Thai Language
09. Study in Thailand / HomeStay 10. Marriage / Long Stay / Emigration 11. Thai Massage / Health and beauty 12. Shopping 
13. Thai Food 14. Phone / Communications 15. Job / RealEstate 16. Other countries

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01. Administrative Organs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Thailand
National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department
Thailand official news and information (The Government: Public Relations Department)
Updated official news and information in English about Thailand by Foreign Office, Government Public Relations Department, Office of the Prime Minister
TourismThailand.Org The Official Website for Tourism in Thailand.
A Country Study: ThailandThe Library of Congress >> Especially for Researchers >> Research Centers
UNESCO Bangkok UNESCO Bangkok promotes international co-operation, sets standards and disseminates information in the fields of education, natural sciences, social and human sciences, culture and communications in the Asia and Pacific region. The sectors at UNESCO Bangkok work together on special programmes relevant to the Asia and Pacific region and beyond.
Bangkok Tourist Division "Bangkok, the City of Culture" Developing eco-tourism towards international quality and standard on a sustainable basis.
Developing and promoting tourism in Bangkok by emphasizing on people participation and recognizing conservation of environment and local wisdom.
Indicate criteria and developing quality of tourism in Bangkok to achieve international standard.

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