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Thailand: Bits of knowledge

Let's check other information about Thailand !
In this page, you'll see small knowledge (or trivia ? :D) of Thailand.

Different from General Information of Thailand but feeling like it maybe or might be useful for some occasions if you remember.

Culture / Life

Sightseeing Fun / Others

[Bits of knowledge]  Thailand

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[Bits of knowledge]  Culture

  • Songkran Festival
    Songkran Festival is very famous, however, not only enjoying the festival but people visit a temple and pray, purify Buddha statues, having rituals called "Bang Sakun" to think of their ancestors, "Rod Nam Dam Hua" to bless older people.

    - related page: Songkran Festival

  • Tamboon
    Tamboon " is to make merits.
    You can do Tamboon by offering something to monks or temples, or by doing something for other people or animals, there are various ways to do.

    - related page: Column no.104 - Tamboon

  • Hometown of pottery " Sunkoroku "
    Sri Satchanalai.
    This area is a hometown of pottery called " Sunkoroku " in Japan whose name is from " Sawankhalok ". (" Sawankhalok " was exported to the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia and so on.)

    - related page: Sri Satchanalai

  • The last war
    • The Bridge on the River Kwai
      They say that this bridge was built on the ultimate sacrifices to make a route from Thailand to Burma by Japanese Army during the world war II in 1943.

      - related page: [Kanchanaburi] The Bridge on the River Kwai

  • Traditional arts
    Not only Thai dance, but there are something else like below:

    • Traditional Thai Puppet
      A puppet is performed by 3 persons and it is called "Hun Lakorn Lek" (Traditional Thai Small Puppet).

      - related page: [Bangkok etc 4] Joe Louis Theater

    • Traditional shadow play
      Called " Nang Yai ".
      Performers dances with a large puppet behind screen. Not only one performer but more people play together.

      - related page: [Rayong] Shadow Play - Wat Ban Don Museum

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[Bits of knowledge]  Life

  • Parking lot in Thailand
    when you park your car in front of other cars which are already parked in car spaces, you must not use the parking brake to be moved when other cars want to go out.

    - related page: Column no.154 - Parking lot in Thailand

  • Gifts for New Years
    They have gift sets decorated very beautifully for New Years.

    - related page: Market on New Year's Eve

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[Bits of knowledge]  Japan

  • The Declaration of Amity and Commerce between Japan and Siam (Thailand)
    1887(2430): Established formal diplomatic relations between Japan and Siam (Thailand)

    - related page: History of Thailand

  • Subway
    Financial support by the Government of Japan through the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), to the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand.

    - related page: [Bangkok etc 2] Subway

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