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Thailand: Weather today

This page shows weather in Thailand.  Well, it's a fine day today ? or rainy ? :)

Please click each weather when you want to know more in details.
(In the weather service, the weekly forecast can be seen. )

  Weather of Thailand

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 Sunrise/Sunset in Bangkok

  • Chiang Mai
    Click for Chiangmai, Thailand Forecast
  • Khon Kaen
    Click for Bangkok, Thailand Forecast
  • Bangkok
    Click for Khon Kaen, Thailand Forecast
  • Rayong
    Click for Rayong, Thailand Forecast
  • Phuket
    Click for Phuket, Thailand Forecast

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 Weather of North East Thailand

  • Sakon Nakhon
    Click for Sakon Nakhon, Thailand Forecast
  • Khon Kaen
    Click for Khon Kaen, Thailand Forecast

  • Mukdahan
    Click for Mukdahan, Thailand Forecast

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 Tips, about weather in Thailand

  • Basically hot ! and a little note.
    In Thailand, it's basically hot , however it's cool or cold early morning in winter in Chiangmai. You might feel cool or cold in hotels also.
    (I always feel like it's cold while sleeping in a hotel.)

    I recommend you should have some jackets with you.
    (They also can protect your beautiful skin from the direct sunlight. :D)

  • Not use umbrellas so often.
    It looks like they don't carry an umbrella even when it's raining.
    This is because when it starts raining, people wait under eaves and so on, then start walking after finish raining.
    (It seems like they don't care rains because dry quickly.)

  • Not use caps/hats so often.
    Talking about umbrellas, I notice that they don't use caps/hats so often even it's hot outside in Thailand.
    (Is this because caps/hats is not in fashion ?
     Only my wife's dad sometimes wears a cap, though. :-D )

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