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What the Webmaster is like ?

Here, let's check what the webmaster of this HP "" is like.
Now, webmaster, answer our questions !


Answers from the webmaster


Where are you from ? Home town is Aichi prefecture in Japan, and live in Tokyo now. Oh, ya ?
What do you do ? Just an office worker. I think you are an engineer ... ?
Are you a male or female ? I guess I'm a male. You guess ?
What's your nationality ? Japanese. My wife is from Bangkok, Thailand. Where did you guys meet in the world .. ?
When did you made the first trip to Thailand ? 1997 or 1998, I think. Check your passport !
How often do you visit Thailand ? Once or twice in a year, about one week to 10 days per one visit. Wow.
Be careful not to spend money too much !
Which place or area do you like in Thailand ? Ayuttaya, a little far away from Bangkok, and Chiang Mai or Chian Rai in the north of Thailand. Oh, they have rich cultures.
How about another countries ? I have been to Hong Kong and Saipan. Hmmmm....
Do you want to go somewhere else ? Hope I can visit Europe, especially Finland someday. Hmmmm....
(Is it because it's a home town of Santa Clause ???)
Do you speak Thai ? I've studied Thai and can speak only some words for surviving. Ohh, that means, "I'm hungry, I have a stomach ache, something like that ?
What do you like to do on weekends ? Taking photos, traveling, net surfing .... ? That's why you've made this website, right ?
Do you have a pet ? I have a lovely dog. His name is "Lucky". I know him because he is in the new year card ! :D
(See the picture below)
Do you have a dream in your future ? Winning a lottery ! (called Loto 6 in Japan) and move to Thailand with my lovely wife. :D hmmmm....
(I hope you will....)
Would you give some words for the people who visit this site ? Thank you for visiting this site, choosing in the million web sites on the net.
I'll update this site little by little to more a useful one for you. I really appreciate if you could visit here again. :)
I also hope this site will be greater. :D

Thank you for today.
We will work hard and make a more wonderful and amazing site. :-D

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