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Thailand: Bits of knowledge

Let's check other information about Thailand !
In this page, you'll see small knowledge (or trivia ? :D) of Thailand.

Different from General Information of Thailand but feeling like it maybe or might be useful for some occasions if you remember.

Culture / Life Sightseeing

Fun / Others

[Bits of knowledge]  Fun

  • Four-leaf clover
    Instead of four-leaf clovers, there are small flowers called "Dork Khem". People try to find five-petal flowers of it.

    - related page: Column no. 162 - four-leaf clover

  • Wiggle eyebrows
    Thai people sometimes wiggle their eyebrows, up and down, very quick as one of gestures while talking.

    - related page: Column no.97 -  Wiggle eyebrows

  • 555
    In Thai, they sometimes write like "555" to express "laugh".

    - related page: Column no.36 - 555

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[Bits of knowledge]  Health

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[Bits of knowledge]  Learning

  • Thai Language Proficiency Exam
    In Japan, there is a "Association For Thai Language Certification, Japan" and they have proficiency exams of Thai Language twice a year, in spring and in autumn.

    - related page: Column no.56 - Thai Language Proficiency Exam

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[Bits of knowledge]  Men, Women

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