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Column no. 20 - 11

You will see columns in the past; what I noticed about/in Thailand, about differences between Thailand and Japan and so on.
I'm wondering how long I can continue writing a column... :D

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no.20 -  Monks 2

 In Thailand, monks can not touch women. Now, you might be wondering how women should do when they want to hand something to a monk.
 I saw this in a wedding in Thailand but when women give something to eat or a gift to the monks, monks put a piece of cloth in front and women put what they want to give on that. Men can hand something to monks, though.

 Hmmm, you must remember this... :)

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no.19 -  Monks 1

 You will see monks in a yellow robe in Thailand. As you might know women can not touch them even their clothes and monks can not touch women either. It is believed that if monks touch women, their religious training that they did until then will be lost at all.

 I heard that when a monk is in a crowded place such as in a bus and if a woman is near him, men who know about this try to get between them, protecting the monk.
Ladies, when you go to Thailand, pay attention to monks. :).

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no.18 -  Restroom

 Some public restrooms, not including in department stores nor hotels but in places where tourists visit, can be used donating a few Baht. I heard of this beforehand but when I went to Thailand and saw that kind of restroom for the first time, I was a little surprised because I never seen this kind of restrooms.

 These days, now and then, I see a restroom where you have to give a tip in the Tokyo station, though. :D
(I recommend that you go to the restroom at a hotel or restaurant. :) )

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no.17 -  Stride Over

 As in Japan, striding over one's leg is bad manners in Thailand. Of course, it's bad manners also to stride over one's body when someone is lying. Even though someone is sitting down with his/her legs stretched out, it's against manners to stride over them to go. In this case, you must ask them to put his/.her legs aside.
 Even between brothers, older brother won't go striding over his younger brother's legs...

 Keep this in your mind not to get a trouble in Thailand. :)

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no.16 -  Head

 Heads are important in Japan, and in Thailand also, heads are regarded as important and sacred. That's why people in Thailand won't touch or pat heads of others easily even if they are kids.

 However, in a very close relationship like a parent and his/her child, it looks okay to touch to show affection.
(I watched a dad was patting a child on the head. I thought "Wow" in my mind. :D )

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no.15 -  Powder

 People in Thailand have liked to put powder around their neck or body after taking a shower since long time ago.
 You can imagine what the powder is like if you think of baby powder, but there are a lot of kinds such as normal ones, lavender or strawberry flavor ones, and cool powder that makes you feel cool.

 Last time I visited Thailand, I tried some and it felt pretty comfortable.
 When you go to Thailand, try it once. :D

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no.14 -  School

 From elementary school to high school, students used to have 3 semesters but these days, they have 2 semesters.
(Sorry if this information is not correct...)

 The first semester is from the end of May or the beginning of June and finishes at the end of September. October is school holiday and the second semester starts in November and finishes in the middle of March. From then to the first semester, school holiday again. (I want holidays ! :D )

 As you know, students have to have exams in the end of each semester.
 Work hard ! :D

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no.13 -  Just kidding !

 As you saw in the Thai language this week, people sometimes say as a joke like "You are very beautiful ...... Nooo (Just kidding)
(This phrase can be used only between close friends ! :D)

 They have the same expression in Thai language, like, "Khun Suay b Krab (You are beautiful),......@Sa-mua-rai. (Nooo (Just kidding))"

 I got to know this expression a few days ago. Useful ? :D

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no.12 -  Tea

 Looks like green tea is now very popular in Thailand. A commercial on TV shows green caterpillars of parent and kid saying "Shinme chodai, shinme chodai"(give me new shoots, give me new shoots).

 Among green-tea products, I found soap with green tea flavor. Another products I found are, cake with green tea flavor, milk, yogurt, ice-cream or sweets with green-tea taste.

 Hmmm, what is a soap with green-tea flavor ...? :D

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no.11 -  Olympics

 The Olympic, 2004, is now going on with full of excitement !
Now, you know, Thailand got 4 medals ! 2 gold medals and 2 bronze medals (All of them are from Weightlifting (female)).
That's it this week. :D Go go, Japan, Go go Thailand ! :)

About the Olympics, check this: Official website of the Olympic Movement

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