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Column no. 50 - 41

You will see columns in the past; what I noticed about/in Thailand, about differences between Thailand and Japan and so on.
I'm wondering how long I can continue writing a column... :D

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no.50 - Triangle pillow

 Do you know a triangle-shaped pillow in Thailand ?

 My wife and I also like it very much. It's not so expensive and she was thinking of taking it back to Japan. And at last, she bought it in Bangkok last time when she went back to Thailand. A little big one. 500Baht.

 Even pillow, it was big to carry with. She had kind of a difficult time to bring it back to Japan. However, when she went though the custom gate, she was told, "You can not take it in Japan". Whaaaaat ?!?
 As they told her, the pillow she bought had some plants inside that were prohibited to be imported. Unreliable ! Soooo sad !

 If the inside was only cotton, it would be okay. Be careful everyone if you want a triangle pillow.....

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no.49 - Khob khun Ka in a department store

In Thai language, "Khob khun Ka" means "Thank you" for female. ("Ka" is for female)
This "Khob khun Ka", you will hear the sentence announced in a department store in a very gentle, elegant and mild way to speak. I like it very much. If you go to Thailand, I recommend you go to a department store and listen to it. :D

 By the way, in Japan, some department stores have an elevator ladies to operate instead of you and say "Ue-e mairi-maaasu"(now going up) in a cute way to speak.
 My wife likes this. :)

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no.48 - Position of living room

What I noticed recently was the position of living room.
 I don't know if all houses are like this but you will see the living room right after entering a house. In Japan, if my memory is correct, living room is at the back of the house. Hmmm, why ?

 I guess, in Japan, houses had a garden at the rear of it and the living room or guest rooms were positioned facing the garden in old days. This is why the living room is at the back of the house even now ... ? If in an apartment or condominium, Japanese people like a sunny room and it can be the living room, and the living room is opposite to the entrance because of the structure, in the end, the living room is at the back of the house.

 Hmmm, how about in your country ? :)

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no.47 - Panty

It was happened at night in Thailand.

 Husband of my wife's sister was roaming around in the living room. (My wife and I were sleeping there.)
 I noticed that he was looking for something, mumbling "Panty, panty, ..., panty,...". I thought, "What happened ? Oh, yes, He or his wife must have left panties somewhere in the living room and it is embarrassing ? That's why he is now looking for ..."
 I told about this to my wife. And then, my wife told about this to him and they burst into laughter !

 You already know that if you are good at Thai language, "Panty" means "map" in Thai.(stress "ty"). We were going out by car the next day and he was looking for a map to check. :D

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no.46 - Nippon Cha Cha Cha

 When you are watching TV in Japan, you might notice that people are cheering with vocal support and handclaps like "Nippon", cha cha cha (clap, clap, clap) in sports games such as volley ball.

 This cheering "Nippon cha cha cha" looked very funny and curious to my wife (who is from Thailand). Before getting used to this scene, she often asked me, "Can it be not 'Nippon cha cha cha' but 'Nippon cha cha', 'Nippon cha cha cha cha cha' or 'Nippon cha chaaaaan' ?"

 It was very difficult question. I explained, guessing, "No, it can not because it's from the Japanese rhythm." Hmmm, Someone knows that ? :D

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no.45 - Bus

Although I don't think this is for all, there is no time table in Thailand.
 When you want to take a bus, anyway wait at a bus stop first. Then buses will come but they don't stop at the stop; They stop a little long before the stop or after that or they just stop where people gather and are waiting or they just pass and go away if no one gives a sign to them to stop.

 And one more. After they stop for you and when you try to ride on it, they will suddenly get started even if the door is still open or you are not in the seat. Hurry to take a seat or grab the handhold right after riding on it.

 You can pay the fare to the crew in the bus. Prepare small coins. :)

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no.44 - Military service

 They have a military service for two years in Thailand.
(They are great, becoming a monk for themselves or their families, going into military service for the country. We don't have it in Japan.)

 When males reach to the birthday at the age of 20, they gather at each place they belong to and draw lots (!) if you have to be a soldier or not. (Unbelievable way to decide)
Looks like those who loose shout "Chaiyo" (Wow, I'm lucky !) in great delight. Those who win are divided into each section at that moment; the army, the navy or the air force, and have to have strict practices.

 I heard that this is not for all men but it can be exempted if you have a class of military service in a certain period in high schools or university.

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no.43 - Becoming a monk

 In Thailand, people are devout Buddhists, and men become a monk at least once in their lives.
(Looks like this depends on their circumstances, though.)

 The term of being a monk is one week to about 3 months at longest. This is for themselves and also means a great merit for their parents. Especially, moms can not be a monk and therefore, this also means sons become a monk instead of their moms. It is also believed that if sons become a monk, their parents can go to a heaven.

 Even if you work at a office, the office will help you by providing paid holiday while you are a monk. I heard that many people from overseas come and become a monk. Don't you try it once ? :)

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no.42 - Japanese food

In Thailand, they have Japanese food restaurants such as "Fuji" and "Oishi", and I often go there to have lunch or dinner. Before knowing the names, I was wondering what was "Oishi" when my wife's family was saying the word "Oishi" because "Oishii" means "delicious" in Japanese. Those restaurants have a lot of kinds of Japanese food and when you miss it, it must help you.

 By the way, you can have Sashimi (slices of raw fish ) there. You usually eat it putting Japanese source "Sho-yu" (Soy sauce) and the spice "Wasabi"(green horseradish paste), right ? One of the family members put Wasabi full of the small plate for Sho-yu and eat Sashimi. Wow, isn't it too much spicy ? He was eating while saying "Yummy, yummy".

 Hmmm, amazing Thailand. :D

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no.41 - Buddhism in Thailand

People are very religious in Thailand. Different in Japan, Buddhism in Thailand is called "Theravada". I didn't know that but Buddhism in Japan is "Mahayana", and
"Theravada" is called "Hinayana" as well (Lesser Vehicle) against "Mahayana" (Greater Vehicle). However, this is inaccurate or disparaging term.

 This Buddhism was spread from India to southeast Asia such as Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar including Thailand, and the purpose is the emancipation of the individual by own efforts. It is believed that ordinary people can earn merit by giving something as charity or doing good things to monks or temples and can be happy. This means that the one who is thankful is not monks but ordinary people.

 By the way, monks until 20 years old have 10 religious precepts and have 227 at the age of 21 years old or more. A lot ! :)

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