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[Thai Language] Thai Alphabet 1/5

Now, it's time about studying Thai Alphabet !
Like English, Thai language has alphabet. It was created by King Ramkhamhaeng in Sukhothai period (around 1240-1438).

Thai people learn each of letters with animal names or so.
For example, the first one is " Gor " of " Gor Gai " (chicken).

Practice Thai letters page is here

  •  How to write
    Most letters have small circles. If the character has circles, start from the circle and write the letter all (without lifting your pencil from the paper).

Green: stress

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1 Gor Gai

(Gai: chicken)

2 Khor Kai

(Kai: egg)

3 Khor Kuad

(Kuad: bottle)

4 Kor Kwaai

(Kwaai: buffalo)

5 Kor Khon

(Khon: person)

6 Kor Ra Kang

(Ra Kang: bell)

7 Ngor Ngu

(Ngu: snake)

8 JorJarn

(Jarn: plate)

9 ChorChing

(Ching: cymbals(Thai musical instrument))

10 ChorChang

(Chang: elephant)

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