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[Thai Language] Thai Alphabet 3/5

Thai letters from no.21 to no.30. Here we go !

  • How to write
    Most letters have small circles. If the character has circles, start from the circle and write the letter all (without lifting your pencil from the paper).

Green: stress

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21 TorTao

(Tao: turtle)

22 ThorThung

(Thung: bag, sack)

23 TorTaHarn

(TaHarn: troops)

24 ThorThong

(Thong: flag)

25 NorNuu

(Nuu: mouse)

26 BorBaiMaai

(BaiMaai: leaf)

27 PorPlar

(Plar: fish)

28 PhorPhueng

(Phueng: bee)

29 FhorFhar

(Fhar: lid)

30 PhorParn

(Parn: tray)

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