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[Thai Language] Olympics, Calling out

Now check phrases of Olympics and calling out.
Here we go !

Olympics !

Tokyo has been chosen by the International Olympic Committee to host the 2020 Summer Games. Wow. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm so excited. :D
Even little by little, let's learn phrases related to the Olympics.
meaning Thai Language (Green:stress / Blue:male / Pink:female)
I'm really looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. pom/dichan gamlang rorkoy gii-laa togyo olimpic nai pee song pan yee sib mark krab/ka
ผม/ดิฉัน กำลังร อคอย กีฬา โตเกียว โอลิมปิก ในปี สอง พัน ยี่สิบ มาก ครับ/ค่ะ
"gamlang rorkoy ... " means " waiting for ... ".
"gii-laa togyo olimpic nai pee song pan yee sib" is "Tokyo Olympics in 2020".
Hmmm, okay, I got it.

  • gamlang
:   ... ing
  • rorkoy
wait for ...
  • gii-laa
  • togyo
  • olimpic
  • nai pee
in (the year of) in (the year of)
  • song
two "song pan yee sib" is 2020.
  • pan
  • yee sib
  • mark

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Ganbarou Nippon - がんばろう日本

Have you ever heard "Ganbarou Nippon" ?
The phrase has been using to cheer Japanese people by themselves for the Tohoku Earthquake or the Japan Earthquake (March 11,2011). Let's try in Thai.

By the way, "Ganbarou" in Japanese has a few meanings up to the situations when it is used.
1) We can do it.
2) Hang in there.
3) Go for it.

Now, let's give it a try.
meaning Thai Language (Green:stress / Blue:male / Pink:female)
We can do it, Japan. Yeephun Rao tham daai
ญี่ปุ่น เราทำได้ !
Hang in there, Japan. Yeephun payayaam thorpai
ญี่ปุ่น พยายาม ต่อไป !
Go for it, Japan. Yeephun payayaam kaona
ญี่ปุ่น พยายาม เข้านะ !
You can use the phrases for other situations, changing "Japan (Yeephen) " to another word.

  • Yeephun
:   Japan
  • Rao
:   we/us/our
  • tham
:   do
  • daai
:   can
  • payayaam
:   try, make an effort
  • thorpai
:   continuem, go on
  • kao
:   go in, approach
  • na
:   added at the end of the sentence to make it softer or politer

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